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so many of the ‘social justice’ blogs on here just troll around and nitpick posts that could somehow be offensive to someone, then attack the person who posted them. intention matters sometimes. you shouldn’t attack the ignorant. educate them.

also i would think it’s exhausting to sit on the…

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too tired to work. too tired to sleep.

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This hedgehog in the western German city of Saarbruecken had a lucky escape after being tempted to try and eat the remains of a pudding at the bottom of a plastic carton and getting its head stuck.The trapped hedgehog was spotted walking in the middle of the street by a motorist. He was worried that it was likely to be run over, despite stopping and attempting to divert drivers around the animal.He called police to alert them to the fact that there was a hedgehog on the road which motorists were swerving to avoid. When officers arrived they managed to find the animal and free it from the pudding container.

Picture: EUROPICS (via Pictures of the day: 22 April 2014 - Telegraph)

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this was designed for very young children and i am not a young child i am a 260 pound man

how did you get in there.

how did you get out of there

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do you ever get so emotional and you just


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Two churches located across the street from each other. At least the Catholics have a sense of humor.





this is my favorite thing

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